Coaching to Help Open Your Heart to All of Who You Are

It's Time to Find your Way Home to Yourself
You are courageous. You are wise. You are creative. You are a powerful. You are love. Sometimes we all need a little help remembering.

Coaching support to help you realign to your heart centre so you may come home to yourself and boost your joy, inner confidence and resilience and increase your positive influence in the world.

Do you take time to connect and look after your own needs and healing journey?

Do you find it easy to give to others but challenging to receive and ask for help and support, even when you are struggling?

Do you find it difficult to show yourself fully or express and ask for what it is you want and need?

Or does your life sometimes feel unfocussed, solitary or overwhelming?

Whether you need clarity or confidence on a way forward, help to lighten a heavy heart, ongoing support to keep you on the path less travelled, or more intensive support to help you with your commitment to yourself and your heartwork, coaching with me will provide you with the space to come home to yourself so you can boost your joy, wellbeing as well as your inner confidence and resilience needed to help increase your positive impact in the world.

Through a process of combining coaching and creativity, I will assist you with your own transformational journey, helping you to realign to your heart centre so you may nurture your own healing path towards self-acceptance, self-expression and self-leadership.

Confidence and Resilience

Drive and Direction

Walking a heart-led path myself, I understand deeply the challenges my clients face. With my expertise as a coach and facilitator as well as my considerable experience in business, I have the capacity to bring the skill, compassion and understanding needed to help my clients realise their next steps in a more sustainable way.

I have had the privilege of coaching, training and mentoring people from all walks of life and all over the world. I have worked as a Coach and Facilitator since 2007 and am a certified CIPD Trainer, Strategic Intervention Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

Mostly, however, I have noticed that the real shifts occur in the simple space of deep meaningful heart-led conversations and quiet creative contemplation.

Love and Appreciation from Clients

Find below a selection of testimonials from clients who have benefited from working with me.

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Ann on some self discovery into my values and wow it was enlightening!

I’ve always considered myself to have a fairly good understanding of my own values and yet the session opened up so much more for me to continue to explore.
Ann is so warm, friendly and encouraging and I learnt so much about myself during our session together. She guided me through practical activities and reflections that have really helped me to understand where my values come from and how they shape and come through in my daily interactions in life. And I also have some great homework to continue exploring this further on my own!
I would not hesitate to recommend engaging with Ann for coaching. it really was such a pleasant experience and I certainly have gained a raft of new tools to help me continue along my path of self discovery.



Thank you for holding a clear path for me through some sad moments. I know that I am stronger and wiser now as a result of your loving guidance. I will miss seeing your face and beholding the light that you hold on this earth. You are a gifted woman, Ann, and I am so glad you are fighting that dragon every day to keep sharing all you know. 

Thank you for holding my hand through 2020. All my love to you…

S.L. New Zealand

I just wanted to follow up on our session … It was nothing short of transformative and as a result of that, and a couple of other life changes I am making, I really feel the world better – it was almost like I was a shadow of my former self previously. Thank you so much!!

L.M. New Zealand

I have had business coaching with Ann and I would thoroughly recommend her. Over 6 sessions I have reached a point that I would not have thought possible at the start, and I am thrilled with the end result. Ann’s coaching is really clever at drawing things out, she is engaging and entertaining at the same time. Her creativity is also subtly apparent in her coaching, and her care for her clients is clearly obvious (and much welcomed!). Thank you Ann.


Ann has a natural way of understanding, communicating and guiding to solutions. Both as a trainer and coach she’s always been my inspiration and go to person for the past 10 years. Her energy, enthusiasm and professionalism are outstanding. She truly is a heartworker! Thanks so much for being you! You are amazing!

B.v.L. The Netherlands

I have never met someone who can have such an impact on people’s lives … My work with Ann meant for me that in a short period of time I connected with my heart and true self. I can’t thank her enough for this …

D.T. The Netherlands

…Tears, breaking open, goose bumps. Finding ‘acceptance’. What an amazingly vulnerable session you created for me thank you [ … ] You astound me with your ability to reach through the computer, across the miles to connect with me and help me to connect with myself and keep moving forward and feel hope. Thank you.

S.L. New Zealand

Ann is an incredibly attentive, soulful and wonderful human being and life coach who has been an invaluable support to me as I navigate running my business. She listens, approaches problems with a light heart and humour and presents solutions that encourage you to delve deep and bring forward your best self directly from the truth of your heart. Thank you Ann, for truly being a wonderful light in my life.


Thank you Ann. Today was an amazing session and I would like to share this with others. I am always so surprised whenever I do this kind of inner stuff that unexpected resources come up so strongly, however it was your gentle heart lead guidance that allowed some serious stuff for me to come up…


I have throughly enjoyed our time together. You have helped me to see myself clearer and that has been wonderful. I realize I can be hard on myself and without an outside perspective I haven’t been able to see it. I am feeling really good about myself and proud of who I am today. There have laughs and tears.

This has been a challenging year for me. [ … ] I have also had some great wins. I so appreciate your perspective. You are very gentle and loving. You embrace love and creativity. I am also.

Thank you Ann!