Open Your Heart to All of Who You Are

Who are you at your deepest level?


The Heartworker offers you the space to come home to yourself by reconnecting you to the power of your heart. 

Why commit to living a heart led life? Because our heart connects us to our true nature and all that is essential to us. It is the portal to our innate courage and the pathway to healing and fulfilment through the creative self expression of our unique calling

I am Ann Skinner and all of my work is informed by my Three Keys – presence, curiosity and kindness. I have come to call this way of being in the world The Heartworker’s Way. It is a more open-hearted, intuitive and creative way of living, designed to help us remember who we are at our deepest level so we can start to express our love for life to its fullest potential.


“It was your gentle heart led guidance that allowed some serious stuff to come up for me …” more


Finding Your Way


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Commit to Exploring ‘The Way’


Programmes developed to help you explore, expand and evolve as you learn to lead a heart led life.
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Support to help you reconnect to your Self so you can start moving forward with more clarity & confidence.
Get Uplifted with my Heartwork


Follow the light through ‘Annie & Eva’, interviews with fellow Heartworkers and other articles.
Inspire your Curious Mind with Books


Inspirational books to help you explore what it means to live a meaningful life fully self-expressed.
Discover Gifts to Bring Joy & Give Back


A simply heartfelt gift shop with nature inspired goodies created to bring joy and give back to our trees and bees.

“PERMISSION TO BE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! That is what I take away from having inspiring and heart opening conversations with Ann Skinner … Ann created the safe space for me to OWN and ADMIT out loud what I have always known about myself and kept quiet …” more



Finding My Why


As The Heartworker my love for life expresses itself in different ways. It was through my personal search for meaning and through the writing of The Art of Contribution that I discovered the five components that help us to be the difference – commit, connect, create, communicate and contribute. Each of these components have now penetrated the different areas of my work.

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