Reconnect to the Power of your Heart and reveal Clarity, Courage, Creativity and your unique Calling.


Our Heart connects us to our True Nature


It is our guide to love and compassion.

It is the bringer of clarity through our inner wisdom, the portal to our innate courage and creativity and the path to healing and fulfilment through our unique calling. 


I am Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker. My work offers you the space to explore, expand and evolve in your own way and your own time by reconnecting you to the power of your heart. This is what I have come to call The Heartworker’s Way, a more intuitive and creative way of life navigated from the heart, with presence, kindness and curiosity at its core.



“I have never met someone who can have such an impact on people’s lives in such a short time period.” …. more






As The Heartworker my love for life expresses itself in different ways. The buttons above take you straight to the heart of my work!




“PERMISSION TO BE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! That is what I take away from having inspiring and heart opening conversations with Ann Skinner … Ann created the safe space for me to OWN and ADMIT out loud what I have always known about myself and kept quiet.” ….more