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Simply heartfelt gifts, cards, books and art created to bring joy and give back.

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Love from my Supporters

I love your work! ....deceptive in simplicity ... Look closely at your work and you realise it's not simple at all, it just looks that way. The figures are so well considered, and make to look easy on the eyes. You are a clever artist and your sense of colour is wonderful. Joyous.


Ann lives her work. She really embodies being a Heartworker, beaming her talent across the world. Her doodles never fails to bring a smile and lift up my heart. Her business has many offerings. Check them out!


Thank you Ann! Every picture tells a beautiful story! you are #STARDUST!


How happy and bright your illustrations are Ann Skinner - just like you! 


Ann, thank you for the wonderful contributions you make to the world and to my life. I loved the doodles from the beginning, but it’s also beautiful to see how they evolve. It’s simple but right on truths that they bring, but with a loving and fun vibe.

Keep following your heart ! It’s the greatest contribution and it’s truly inspiring !!


Love The Heartworker! Simple, Creative, Uplifting! For best results, I recommend a dose of "a doodle a day keeps the doctor away!"


I check in often to see the new doodles and beautiful messages being shared. Such a simple, colourful and uplifting place to be. Continue the love! Our world needs more of it! 


Love the doodles and the message of this work is so important. Thank you!


A pleasure to both read the Art of Contribution, and get to know Ann personally. She is an inspiration, full of wisdom, experienced, and speaks an awful lot of sense!!


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