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Let Love Lead

Helping you open your heart to all of who you are
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The Heartworker offers Coaching and Courses to help you Live a Life with more Compassion, Creativity and Courage.

Hi, I am Ann The Heartworker, a Coach and Creative, Founder of The Heartworker's Way and Creator of Annie and Eva

In my work as a Life Coach, Creative Guide and Facilitator, I offer coaching and creative courses to help you realign to your heart centre, so you may gain a greater understanding about who you are and what it is you need to be able to live a life that is true to you. A life with more joy, purpose and a greater sense of self.

In my work as a Writer, Illustrator and Doodle Artist, I hope to bring a little more consciousness, reflection, hope and inspiration into your life.

I have never met someone who can have such an impact on people’s lives … My work with Ann meant for me that in a short period of time I connected with my heart and true self. I can’t thank her enough for this.

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Know your Drivers, Change your Destiny

A FREE Coaching Workshop – Sunday 24th October!

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Are you ready for a 3 month creative journey of self-discovery? This unique programme guides you to explore 12 themes to help you evolve as you take your next steps in your own personal hero’s journey.



Hi Ann. I just want to say thank you but words don’t seem to be enough. Your classes have brought so much light and laughter, drawing, doodling and of course love into my being and has brought me such a really good sense of wellbeing. I hope you are feeling so much appreciation from me to you.

Coaching With Me

Open your heart to all of who you are

Sometimes we all need a little extra help finding our way back to ourselves as we try to navigate the ups and downs of life. Whether you need clarity or confidence on a way forward, help to lighten a heavy heart or ongoing support to keep you on the path less travelled, coaching with me will provide you with the space to remember who you are and why you are here so you can express your love of life to its fullest potential.


Thank you for holding a clear path for me through some sad moments. I know that I am stronger and wiser now as a result of your loving guidance. I will miss seeing your face and beholding the light that you hold on this earth. You are a gifted woman, Ann, and I am so glad you are fighting that dragon every day to keep sharing all you know.

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Articles and visual doodle stories to help open your heart and mind.

Ann lives her work. She really embodies being a Heartworker, beaming her talents across the world. Her doodles never fail to bring a smile and lift up my heart.

Thinking is Working

Thinking is Working

Thinking is Working Do you feel guilty when you sit down to do ‘nothing’? We are forever told that we need to work hard, be more productive and efficient. The implication is that we are lazy for sitting still ‘doing nothing’. It’s no wonder that we are triggered in...

From Speed to Space

From Speed to Space

Following Our Heart's Calling   Our calling doesn’t come with a quick fix three-step formula but if I had to give you the dreaded ‘three steps to success’, they would be these: Step 1. Space; Step 2. More Space; and Step 3. Even More Space! Below you will find a...