Live life The Heartworker’s Way – a life navigated from the heart, with presence, curiosity and kindness at its core.



It is our guide to love and compassion, the portal to courage and wisdom and the path to healing and fulfilment. From this place we can access our innate courage, spark our intuitive creativity and connect with our unique calling.

The Heartworker offers you the clarity and space to connect to that place, by helping you to explore, expand and evolve in your own way and your own time.



“I have never met someone who can have such an impact on people’s lives in such a short time period.” …. more





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Let Love Lead


Imagine a life where you choose to put your heart in driver’s seat.

A life where you are able to reconnect to all that is important to you.

A life where you are fully able to express yourself.

A life where you can love all of yourself and your creations.

A life where you appreciate what it means to be human(e).

A life where you can dance with fear and choose love.

A life where you believe in you because deep down you know you were always meant to be you.

A life where you remember why you are here.

A life where you come home to yourself.


That life is calling you if you are prepared to listen to your heart.



“PERMISSION TO BE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU! That is what I take away from having inspiring and heart opening conversations with Ann Skinner … Ann created the safe space for me to OWN and ADMIT out loud what I have always known about myself and kept quiet.” ….more