The Three Keys


“I am so at ease with her and can feel my heart when we speak. It is amazing to feel your heart which we never do.”



Finding The Way


I was once asked, if you were to give three pieces of advice to the next generation, what would it be? My answer to this question was, and still is, “be present, be curious and be kind”. I realised this advice wasn’t just helpful for our next generation but for all of us today.

Learning to embody these three keys have helped me find my way back to myself and be a better human being who is capable of better doing, and I now lovingly refer to them as The Heartworker’s Way.


Presence Curiosity Kindness


Be Present – because presence keeps us grounded and connected to everything important to us and helps us to increase our awareness and acceptance of the things we cannot change.

Be Curious – because curiosity keeps us away from fear and judgement and opens our heart and mind to new perspectives and possibilities.

Be Kind – because kindness reminds us that in our imperfections we are perfect just the way we are and because the truth, no matter how tough, is our kindest teacher.


“Ann created the safe space for me to OWN and ADMIT out loud what I have always known about myself and kept quiet.”


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