The Heartworker's Way

“Ann is one of the most caring and kind-hearted facilitators I have ever interacted with. Her genuineness and open wholeheartedness are expressed easily across the airways. Ann’s depth of knowledge and expanse of resources has opened up thoughts and feelings I never knew could even exist.” Lisa

My first book, The Art of Contribution, was born out of my personal research into what it meant to live a more authentic and meaningful life.

It was the catalyst for everything that followed and formed the foundation for The Heartworker’s Way.

We cannot always find the answers to challenging life questions by trying to figure them out with our heads.

For us to be shown a way forward that is meaningful, nourishing for the soul and sustainable for our lives and the planet, we must create space to connect to our hearts.

Creating space and taking time out to be creative, calms our busy minds and connects us to our heart space.

The Heartworker’s Way is a process that helps you to reconnect to your heart space.

It is supported by three guiding keys: Presence, Curiosity and Kindness. These three keys help us remember what is important to us.

The Heartworker’s Way also advocates doodling as a loving, playful and non-judgmental way to help open your mind and heart, so you can start the healing process of coming home to yourself and find hope, joy, purpose and a lightness of being.