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“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.” – The Dalai Lama


There is a Another Way


Explore, expand and evolve as you learn to live The Heartworker’s Way, with presence, curiosity and kindness at its core.

These three keys to love, life and leadership help us to remember that we are works of heart and form the foundation of each of my programmes. Why? Because our heart connects us to our true nature. It is the portal to our innate courage and wisdom and the path to true abundance and a more conscious and meaningful life.



My Programmes


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Exploring The Heartworker’s Way


love live lead

For those looking for another way.


Expanding The Heartworker’s Way


let love look

For those open to explore another way.


Evolving The Heartworker’s Way


let love live

For those wanting to find their way.


If you are a fellow Heartworker, you may be interested in joining The Council of Heartworkers.



Council of Heartworkers


let love lead

For those ready to let their heart lead the way.




I Believe …


I believe there is no one way, there is only YOUR way.

I believe in the magic of life.

I believe we all have access to our innate courage and wisdom.

I believe we all possess superpowers.

I believe we are stronger together than alone.

I believe that it is our purpose to spread our love through our creations in whatever form.

I believe in the healing power of reconnecting to self, spirit, source and everything important to us.


The Heartworkers Academy is built on these beliefs. To me they aren’t just beliefs as I like to think of them as powerful and magical creators. These beliefs have been put to the test by yours truly and in doing so, I have been creating a life that incorporates everything important to me and I help my clients do the same.

I have come to think of this way of being as living life The Heartworker’s Way. A life with presence, curiosity and kindness at its core.