The Council of Heartworkers

let love lead


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” – Brene Brown


For those ready to let their heart lead the way.


A Community of Transformational Coaches, Therapists, Healers and Creatives

Why The Council?


“Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.”


Living a heart-led life is not for the fainthearted as it takes all our courage and wisdom to show ourselves congruently. I know from experience that it is not always easy to show our work and share our heart. It also feels hugely vulnerable to allow ourselves to be seen and heard when we haven’t got it all figured out.

And yet, our heartwork is desperately needed in the world and the collective consciousness is asking us to step out of our comfort zone and increase our positive influence by becoming more visible and by sharing our work and our unique message with those who need to hear it.

As we step out, we find ourselves confronted by both our inner and outer gremlins. My personal and professional experience has shown me that we are often our own worst critics and we may even be unclear and uncertain about the exact message we are trying to convey, or how to do this in a way that is congruent and effective. Neither is it uncommon that along the way we will receive pushback from those who love us and want to keep us safe as they are uncomfortable with our struggles along the way. We may also be confronted by nay-sayers who do not share our perspective or understand our higher intent. 

Whatever you will encounter, once you have taken the courageous move to step out, it is more than likely that you will be experiencing doubt and discomfort along the way as it is rare that courage and comfort go hand in hand. In fact, you may already have experienced this. And alongside courage, we need wisdom to help us take the next best steps. 

Brene Brown reminds us gently that “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change”. And yes, there is huge power in vulnerability as it creates deep connection and through connection we can affect lasting change.

This is why I created the Council of Heartworkers. An international community of Heartworkers who have chosen their heart as their guiding star and who value the company of fellow wise and courageous souls. We don’t have to walk it alone as together we are greater than the sum of our parts and are able to lift each other to new heights.

About The Council


The Council of Heartworkers offers a place …


… where you will be heard and witnessed with an open heart and mind, without the need to be fixed whilst being open to growth;

… where we are a companion to each other and learn to be better companions to ourselves;

… where we are both student and teacher by sharing and receiving our collective wisdom;

… where we support each other as we level up and dare to show our heart and share our work;

… where we awaken the intuitive, creative and authentic leader in us;

… where we encourage each other to love ourselves and all of our creations.


As a guide we practice leading it The Heartworker’s Way, ie to put the three keys to love, life and leadership at the centre of our being – to be present, to be curious and to be kind with whatever shows up. These keys sit at the foundation of everything we do.

So whilst choosing to live a life heart-led can be extremely challenging, the gains are undeniable. To reconnect to the essence of who you are, a creative, intuitive and authentic leader, is priceless and to share your heartwork with others is what I believe we are put on this earth to do.

What does the Council offer you?


You will …


… be part of an invaluable community of like-minded people who are on a similar journey to you and understand the challenges and the celebrations, providing you with a safe online space where you can be supported and support others.

… have the opportunity to join our weekly live Heart-to-Heart online group calls (currently live every Thursday @ 3pm UK time or on replay) – a time where we share our wisdom, our celebrations and our challenges and a place where we can be a witness and witnessed without judgment. 

… gain lifetime access to my online programme, ‘Evolving The Heartworker’s Way’ (* currently expanding and evolving)

be able to book a powerful one on one Heart-to-Heart Coaching conversation as you join, allowing us to connect and delve deeper into what drives you and your work.

a personalised gift to help you lead the way.

The Benefits


With the support of this community, you will …

> increase your confidence and influence as you step out to share your heart and work;

> expand and evolve yourself and your heartwork as you contribute to the council;

> get recharged, motivated and inspired with newly gained wisdom and insights;

> increase your network of inspiring people you love and trust;

> increase your sense of connection and belonging.


The Investment


Your contribution to the Council, other than your love and commitment is still £333.00. For more information, do remember to check out the testimonials by my fellow council members (see below), who have been brave enough to share their experience in a video.

If you are interested in joining, please contact me by emailing me at or by clicking the button below so we can schedule a conversation to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.

“… I believe that being part of a community that supports us, champions us, helps us to express ourselves so that we become the fullness of our being is something that is really so important …” – Sherine

“… It has been beyond what I expected … it has given me joy, stability, a lot of inspiration and a sense of belonging and that, in the end, helps me with my work …” – Ana

“… From the moment that I joined I got amazing help and was made very welcome and could speak very freely without fear of any judgement …” – Lynne