The Bees Knees


bee beeing beelong



Bees visited me one day as I was doodling wildflowers. They wanted to be included, they said, as the flowers could not exist without them. And as I was doodling each bee, they were speaking to me and kept talking until I heard them loud and clear: “Please help us in your own way.”

Bees are awesome and essential to our planet so you could call them the bees knees! Apart from giving us joy and timely reminders to ‘bee’, these bees will also be set to work to help save themselves as the calendar will be supporting ‘The Bee Cause’ project. More about MY BEE WISE CALENDAR FOR 2019 HERE.

I actually like to think of my business as ‘the bees knees” – I love spending equal time beeeeeing and dooooing and I like to spread the love by pollinating those that come into contact with my work, whether intentionally or unintentionally.



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