Messages from the Heart

hail heal hope



If you had a message for the world, what would it be?

If you needed to receive a message right now, what would it be?

These are two questions I have asked myself and many people over time. Allowing ourselves to connect with the messages in our heart gives us a chance to remember what is important to us.

I have noticed that the message we have for the world is inherently a mirror for us as it is something we need or needed to hear ourselves. Living this message daily in our own way is how we heal ourselves and how we can give purpose to our lives. It is rather simple, although simple doesn’t always mean easy.

Each message I received I doodled and shared with the giver of the message. Here is a selection.

Whilst each message for the world is a mirror for us, I found the moment we heal it in ourselves, it will have an effect on the world in a way we cannot fully comprehend. I noticed this in myself as I doodled each message I was given – it magically released something in me that unbeknown to me needed healing.



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