Doodle Love

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2016 saw the birth of my passion for doodling. Initially I shared my doodles under the name The Contributionist, until my current alias, The Heartworker, found its way to me.

It was a time of exploration without any purpose beyond wanting to show my heart and explore my heartwork. Little did I know where it was heading, but it didn’t matter as I was riding the wave of creative self expression.

You will notice how I started with simple black, white and red images and how, over time, colour slowly crept in as I let the light in and learned to let go of my inhibitions and self imposed rules.


Looking back now, it is so interesting to see the natural progression from simple lines to complete landscapes. And still, even though these early doodles aren’t that ‘good’ from a critic’s perspective, they have an energy that transcends the rules of good or bad because they were authentic.

When I occasionally find myself falling into the trap of wanting it to be ‘good enough’, I have to remind myself, when it is honest it is always good enough.



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