Doodle Devon

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Welcome to my #DoodleDevon Project where “Annie and Eva” go on adventures in this beautiful county.

Every summer I give myself permission to do nothing. I create a space where doing nothing means allowing myself to do whatever my heart asks of me. It helps me to recalibrate and offers the space for new inspiration to come in.

This year it created the opportunity for my love for doodling, dog walking and the Devon countryside to come together in a creative celebration of this beautiful county. A place that I am thankful for as it is where my heartwork has been allowed to soar.

Below is a selection of some of the uplifting places I have visited and I hope my creative interpretation will help to uplift you too.

These doodles are a little different to my usual intuitive style, because my starting point was different. I took photographs of beautiful places that we visited on dog walks with Eva and used them as a template for each doodle. As is often the case with my creative projects, I start somewhere with an inspired intention that I hold loosely as I proceed. In time, that intention intensifies and/or changes and does what it needs to do to create a final outcome.

I am foreseeing that these doodles will find their way into the world in ways that I haven’t yet fully comprehended.



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