Xmas Advent Calendar


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I love Christmas and particularly the promise of Christmas. I grew up in Holland so presents were never really part of our tradition – it was about honouring the end of a year, family and a generosity of spirit that surpasses commercialism.

In gratitude to this period and as part of my daily doodle practice, I shared these doodles as a free online advent calendar. Each doodle was accompanied by a few words of seasonal cheer to allow for a moment of contemplation as we moved closer to the Christmas celebrations.

I love the joy of all the Xmas festivities, the candles, the lights, the singing and meeting up with loved ones. Much to my husband’s dismay (who is more of the humbug persuasion), my particular love is for the buying and dressing of the tree with all my favourite baubles – one of them being a lovely piglet which sparked my yearly hunt for a special bauble to mark each passing year.



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