A Doodle a Day

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In May 2017 I was inspired to start my Doodle A Day Keeps The Doctor Away project. I committed to creating a doodle a day for a whole year and to share it with my followers. This commitment was another major catalyst for change, helping my body of work to evolve into The Heartworker. It reminded me who I was at my core – simply heartfelt.

Below are a few samples – shared in no particular order as that is generally how they were created. Each doodle is a representation of something I observed that day.

I have continued my daily practice although, after 450 days of consistently sharing a doodle a day, I no longer post my work daily. Now my creation is becoming a little more focussed as my writing and doodles are finding their way into the world in a way that I could not have foreseen when I first started my explorations.

I believe this is how love works. You love who you are. You love what you do. You share that love and in the process you increase love exponentially. In the end we all benefit – that is the ultimate art of contribution. Showing up daily for my heartwork reminds me of this important life lesson.



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