“Love The Heartworker! Simple, Creative, Uplifting!”


Below is a selection of my doodle work for your enjoyment. I have also shared how my work has evolved over time.

All my work is simply heartfelt and inspired by my love for nature and the nature of things. My walks in the beautiful countryside with my beloved husband and dog help me to see all the colours and magic of life more clearly. My work as a coach helps me to see understand what drives us at our core.


My 2018 Projects


In 2018 my doodle a day continued but started to evolve as I became more focussed on what I wanted to create. They became more detailed and I started to use different techniques to hone my craft. My doodles also found their way onto products and I started to receive a few commissions and requests for co-creation.

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My 2017 Projects


This is the year my heartwork really took flight once I committed to creating a doodle a day and sharing it with my followers. In truth it was a commitment to my love for creative self expression. It also rekindled my appreciation for colour and I was reminded that as a child I loved colouring in – in fact, I had won a number of colouring competitions.

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I started my doodle mania when I was looking for an image to put on the cover of my book, The Art of Contribution. I couldn’t find one that expressed what I wanted it to say, so I doodled it, ignoring the fact that I couldn’t draw.

I realised then that it wasn’t about whether I could draw or not, it was about whether I was able to express what I wanted to say. This revelation opened my heart and mind and created the opportunity for me to follow what became one of my passions – doodling.

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For those interested, I am self taught and use an iPad to create my art digitally. It allows me to play and make mistakes as I explore and expand my craft and gives me free rein to express what I want to express without getting bogged down with the technicalities of the art of drawing.

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