Meet The Artist - Ann Skinner

My work is inspired by all things nature and the nature of things. I love to explore the countryside with my dog Eva and find space to reconnect to my heart.

I was a sensitive child and from a young age I was always drawn to colours, animals and nature and have a particular love for dogs, trees, flowers, butterflies, birds and bees. In hindsight, it isn’t surprising that these would later join my love for doodling and they now feature heavily in my doodle art.

I only started my passion for doodling later in life when I accidentally stumbled upon it. Once I discovered doodling, everything changed for me. I renewed my passion for colour and colouring and, through play, my work evolved over time. I am completely self taught, creating all my work digitally on my trusted iPad.

Apart from working as a doodle artist, I have been supporting people with their work and wellbeing as a coach and mentor. You can find out more about my coaching and online courses at The Heartworker's Way.

In addition to doodling, I also love to write. I am now a published author twice over with a third one being birthed. The fact that I became a published author/artist/illustrator in my fifties is a fact that still astounds me.

I hope that, through my work, I am able to bring a little joy or a moment of reflection into our busy lives.


'Annie and Eva'