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“Ann lives her work. She really embodies being a Heartworker, beaming her talents across the world. Her doodles never fail to bring a smile and lift up my heart.” Julia

Hi, I am Ann The Heartworker, a Coach, Creative Guide and Mentor, Author and Illustrator, Creator of Annie and Eva and Founder of The Heartworker's Way.

I love to empower people and bring hope, joy and colour through coaching and the power of contemplation and doodling.

Drawn to Peace

Join my FREE 30-day creative challenge to help bring about peace.

Become a Peacemaker! 30 days of simple yet profound prompts to help you cultivate inner and outer peace and harmony The Heartworker’s Way.

You will be inspired to create heart-led visuals by drawing yourself into your loving heart and back out onto the page and beyond.

No drawing skills are required as this process is all about creating heartwork rather than artwork.

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