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“I will believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.” – Macrina Wiederkehr

Tap into your intuitive, creative and courageous self!

Choose an inspired life and learn to love all of you and your creations. Commit to a process of inner discovery and reconnect to everything that is important to you by helping you remember what you had forgotten so you can let go of what no longer serves you and reclaim lost parts of yourself.



Work with Me


“It was your gentle heart led guidance that allowed some serious stuff for me to come up.”


There are a number of reasons why you may want to work with me one-on-one. Here’s a flavour …

… Your heart is in pain and you feel lost and misunderstood and could benefit from a safe space to help you remember who you are.

… Your heart is no longer in what you do and you find yourself at crossroads and unsure of how to proceed.

… Your heart already knows what it wants but you may feel overwhelmed or need support as you step forward into new territory.

… You are following your heart and want to step up as a leader so you can increase your influence and impact.


“I am so at ease with her and can feel my heart when we speak, and it is amazing to feel your heart which we never do.”



Reclaim your Self


In a world where we are constantly under pressure to achieve and perform and in a time where are bombarded with information, we can struggle to remember who we are and what is truly important to us.

My work aims to inspire you to reclaim a sense of Self by helping you to remember that you are a work of heart so you can live a life that is both creative and empowering. A life that brings more meaning and encourages you to be a positive influence for yourself and others. This starts with a commitment to self as we cannot give to the world what we are unable to give to ourselves.

If you are listening to the whispers of your soul and hear the call to open your heart and mind, then email me for an appointment:, or click on the button below.

If you want to explore more about me and my work, you can find out more about my background here.

For more love and appreciation from my clients – here is a selection for you to help you get a feel for my work.

To connect with my heartwork, go here.


“The session went deep and meant a breakthrough for me in a subject I’ve been wrestling with for a long time, consistency and my experience of it. It completely changed my perspective and my possibilities I am thrilled to see what unfolds from there as I know it’s been a huge shift. It’s also helped me to acknowledge myself and honor my own ways. Thank you, Ann for your wisdom.

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