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Each post is created to help uplift and shine a little light into your world or give you inspiration to help you live a more heart centred life in this busy world of ours. Below are a mix of all three categories.



Who’s Walking Who?

We had hoped to be one of those smug dog parents who have full control over their dog at any time. Eva thought otherwise! ‘Who’s walking who’ ☺️🐕❤️ With love from #AnnieandEva.     By Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker. Creator of 'Annie and Eva', life coach, doodle...

Happy Now!

Happy New Year! “Eva, new year is now” said Annie.“There is only ever now” replied Eva. A little reminder from Eva - when setting your intentions for the future, we must remember there is only ever now because who we are today will determine our...

From Speed to Space

Confessions of a Heartworker'From Speed to Space'  Dear Reader, When we are in the business of following our heart's calling we learn the painful lesson that our work doesn't understand time in the same way our linear brain calculates it. Nor does it compute success...

Ground Zero

Confessions of a Heartworker 'Ground Zero'   Dear Reader, At the time of writing this we are in the middle of Autumn, also known as Fall, which is an appropriate name for this season as it is such a metaphor for letting go. For the past 3 years, my life has felt...

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