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‘Starship’ Programme

let love look


For those open to explore another way.

“Submit to love without thinking.” – Rumi


Looking through the Lens of Love



Why This Programme?


“You will start to realise that there is another way to live life.”


It can be very challenging to live a meaningful life in today’s world as our mind is constantly triggered and preoccupied with time, efficiency, urgency, outcomes and yes, bills! Through it we can feel like we are being lived and often find ourselves in a state of lack and overwhelm with ever increasing responsibilities and ‘to do’ lists that never get done.

It is no wonder that this way of being takes its toll on us and that we are in danger of losing ourselves as we become more and more disconnected from what is really important to us in life. And the more we move away from ourselves, the more confusing, unbalanced and unfulfilling our life becomes and the harder it seems to get back to ourselves and our sanity.

This 11-day programme is designed to bring you back to your heart by practicing The Three Keys to Love, Life and Leadership. Through a very simple process of looking through the lens of love, you will experience what it means to be present, curious and kind and you will start to realise that there is another way to live life – a life where the balance moves from hard work to heart work.

About The Programme


For 11 days you will be guided to Look through the Lens of Love with The Three Keys at the centre of your being.¬†Each day you will receive a short video to guide you to reflect on a subject that will help to open your heart and mind. You will be encouraged to put the three keys in action as you explore that day’s gentle focus. With exploration comes expansion and once you expand you cannot help but evolve.


During these 11 days you will be …


… gently reminded to look through the lens of LOVE to help you move away from fear and contraction;

… encouraged to SLOW DOWN as you listen to your heart’s desires and allow for expansion.

… guided to consciously recognise and EMBRACE the magic that is around you and inside of you.

The Benefits


By applying The Heartworker’s Way through looking through the lens of love you will start to …

> expand your vision beyond your current understanding;

> increase your awareness of what is important to you;

> learn the value of slowing down to help you make better decisions;

> improve your relationship with yourself and others;

> reconnect with the magic of life.


The heart is the portal to our innate courage and wisdom and once you are reconnected, it will help you clear your vision and set you free so you can find another way to be in the world.


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