Evolving The Heartworker’s Way


‘Mastership’ Programme

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For those wanting to find their way.

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” – Elizabeth Gilbert


A Gentle Process of Self Discovery and Growth


Why This Programme


“Explore your self, expand your vision and evolve your life by letting your heart be your guiding star.”


There are times when we find ourselves in uncharted waters, feeling adrift or perhaps even a little lost at sea and could benefit from some support to help us find our way back home to ourselves. If you are looking to get yourself back at the helm, then gifting yourself a year of finding your way by learning to live it The Heartworker’s way will be an act of self-love.

For a whole year you will be encouraged to explore a new way of being that helps you to embrace more of who you are. From experience I know that this path of self discovery can feel both challenging and lonely. So let me start by saying that there is nothing is wrong with you. You are human being having a human experience and this period in your life is nothing more than an opportunity to gift yourself the time and space to review and recalibrate. This programme, therefore, serves to offer you a guide and companion as you explore your self, expand your vision and evolve your life by letting your heart be your guiding star so you can learn to step forward with more ease and grace.

Our heart is the portal to our innate courage and wisdom and it takes courage and wisdom to step into the unknown to find your unique way to be in the world. I truly believe there is no one way and throughout the programme you will be encouraged to explore life your way through applying The Heartworker’s Way. During this process, you will be gently encouraged to let go of what doesn’t serve you and learn to embrace what nurtures you. Imagine giving yourself space to clear what is holding you back and learning to love all of you and your creations!

This programme is perfect for you if you are looking for support as you are exploring and growing at your own pace, in your own time, without the limiting pressure of working towards an outcome and without breaking the bank.

Above all, signing up for this programme means you have decided to commit to You and are ready to start listening to the whispers of your heart so you can be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.


‘… This book was ground-breaking in making me reflect on how much I give out and the cost to me personally. It helped me get everything back in balance and not wasting myself by giving too much away. … Thank you Ann, this book is a rare gift.’ Helen Yeomans, Award winning Composer and Choir Director.

About The Programme


You will receive lifetime access to a year-long, weekly video plus separate bonus videos/exercises for those looking for some extra support.

This programme includes my Flagship Programme, Expanding The Heartworker’s Way as well as a free PDF copy of my book, The Art of Contribution – A Companion to Living a Meaningful Life, which became a #1 Amazon bestseller in the spiritual gift department.

Each week you will be sent a short video on a specific subject, allowing you to reflect, shift and transform in your own time and at your own pace.


The Benefits


By learning to live The Heartworker’s Way you will …

> evolve through a gentle process of creating awareness of what doesn’t serve you;

> start to slow down so you can reconnect with everything important to you;

> reclaim lost parts of yourself and start to accept all of who you are;

> improve your relationship with yourself and others;

> explore and expand your intuition and creativity;

> tap into your innate courage and wisdom to rewrite the rules in life so you can live it your way.


Sign up information coming soon! I am in the process of updating this programme for you. Thank you for your patience and feel free to contact me by clicking on the button below if you want to know more right now!


Or, if you prefer, you can browse my website and check out my heartwork in the meantime.