Who are you?

O... R... U...? 

‘Who are you?’ A very good question by Caterpillar!

This is one of the questions that sits at the core of all my work as a doodle artist and coach. Who are you? To me this means, who are you being and where are you acting and creating from?

Every day I have to remind myself that I am love and when I act and create from that place, I feel lifted and magic happens. 

It means letting go of my desire to control an outcome and, instead, choose to show up in the moment with a loving intention, without attachment. That’s when joy flows freely and I am truly happy.

Love Inspired Co-Creation

Sometimes my work is inspired by the love of one of my doodle followers. In this case, someone who is both a fan of my work and Alice in Wonderland. Could I create a number of Alice inspired doodles for her and her grandchildren?

Your inspired wish is my command. This doodle is one of them, featuring my Alice inspired ’Annie in Wonderworld’ and I am now also able to offer them on canvas art.

I have loved making these. They make my heart happy.


Ann The Heartworker


PS Check out my budding Annie in Wonderland collection HERE. Which other Alice inspired stories shall I add?


For those who would like to unleash their own creative heart, do check out my 12 day Doodle for Wellbeing course HERE.


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