Pain and Beauty

Greater Stitchwort

Open the Mind and Balance The Heart

Whilst I am learning a lot more about our painful pasts during these times of unrest, I am also learning more about what gives me joy - flowers! I am finding out that I am pretty ignorant in both areas of life and it is great to look at both to open my mind and balance my heart.

Apparently this flower is a greater Stitchwort 😊 - ‘A pretty spring flower of country lanes and hedgerows’ - exactly where I found them.

This species was apparently once believed to cure stitches caused by too much exercise - not something I dare say I suffer a lot from 😬. Another area I could improve on.

Apparently it is also known as ‘popgun’ as its seeds are is dispersed with a noisy pop.

Perhaps a bit like our opinions in this day and age.



Ann The Heartworker


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