Hi. I am Ann The Heartworker

Coach. Creative. Author. Artist.

Lover of life, nature, family, dogs, doodling, colours, views and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What is your story?”

In real life I am known as Ann Skinner (and Annet or Annie to some). For much of my life I searched for my true identity and a sense of self, meaning and belonging. I also knew that there was another way to live but I did not know how or what.

The road was long and windy and I lived many lives and had many adventures, both in business and travelling the world, but mostly it lacked purpose. When I finally decided to commit and create space to explore consciously what living a meaningful life meant for me personally, I found my way back to myself.

I share more about my explorations in my book The Art of Contribution.

“I loved the book. Contribution for me went up a whole new level as the Author revealed her own journey to get where she is today. It beautifully captures her vulnerability and honesty […] It is heartfelt and a great companion for any time you need a pick-me-up. Enjoy!

“How did it change your life?”

Creating space to explore helped me to rediscover my love for nature and how much I need to express myself creatively through writing, drawing, colouring and singing. Expressing myself freely helped me to reclaim my voice and reconnected me to my heart.

From that point on I started to remember who I was and what I loved to do: Work from the heart, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, share my gifts with the world and help others do the same.

This is how I became Ann The Heartworker and, since then, I started to share more about what I have come to call living life The Heartworker’s Way.

Ann lives her work. She really embodies being a Heartworker, beaming her talent across the world. Her doodles never fail to bring a smile and lift up my heart …

“What is The Heartworker’s Way?”

We cannot always find the answers to challenging life questions by trying to figure them out with our heads. For us to be shown a way forward that is meaningful, nourishing for the soul and sustainable for our lives and the planet, we must find our way to reconnect to the power of our hearts.

The Heartworker’s Way encourages us to live more consciously, through the heart, and with the support of (self-)coaching and creative self-expression.

I advocate doodling The Heartworker’s Way as a loving, playful and non judgmental way to help open your mind and heart to all of who you are, so you can start the healing process of coming home to yourself and find hope, joy, purpose and a lightness of being.

Hi Ann. I just want to say thank you but words don’t seem to be enough. Your classes have brought so much light and laughter, drawing, doodling and of course love into my being and has brought me such a really good sense of wellbeing. I hope you are feeling so much appreciation from me to you.