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“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confusius



Heart at Work


I am Ann Skinner, also known as The Heartworker – a coach, doodle artist and author. The Heartworker represents all of my work and it is my heartfelt intent that, through sharing what I love, I will be able to inspire both you and me to remind us of who we are at our core so we can be more conscious about how we show up in the world.

All of my work is inspired by nature and the nature of things and informed by my Three Keys to Life: to be Present, to be Curious and to be Kind. I’ve come to call it living The Heartworker’s Way. It is a slower, more peaceful way of life with my heart firmly in the driver’s seat.


Follow Your Heart


My work and life changed a few years ago when I decided to follow my heart and research a subject that fascinated me, contribution. As a result I began a journey of inner exploration which helped me to rebirth as The Heartworker.

Through my reflections, experiences and insights, my work has evolved into what it is today – an authentic expression of who I am through what I do by choosing to put my heart in the driving seat.

I learned that once we commit to something that is calling us, no matter how illogical, we have chosen to commit to ourselves and start a journey of healing our heart and feeding our soul.

You can read more about my explorations in my book The Art of Contribution.

My insights have also helped me to start thinking more holistically. Many coaching practices work on improving our state of mind, and much of that is very useful but I found that it can bypass an essential part of our being – our state of soul.

In my work you will hear me refer to using our state of mind as a gentle companion to our state of soul. Our mind is often preoccupied with time, efficiency, urgency and outcomes, but our soul doesn’t understand these terms. Finding ways to complement and integrate both parts helps us to be more courageous and compassionate with ourselves in our day to day life and through it we are more likely to add to the world rather than detract from it.

Find out more about what drives me and my work HERE or my more ‘official stuff’ HERE.

Do browse my website to connect with my work and if it lifts your heart or, indeed, if your heart needs lifting, I would love to hear from you. You can CONTACT ME HERE or email me at [email protected]


“It was your gentle heart-led guidance that allowed some serious stuff to come up for me.”  …. more


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