About The Cause


 “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha



Give Joy and Give Back

From a young age I have always been drawn to the nature of trees and bees. It wasn’t until much later that I started to understand the significant part they play in life on earth. This is why I have chosen to make Trees and Bees my cause.
I pledge that for every product I sell, an absolute minimum of 10% of the profits earned from my shop or online programmes will go to charities supporting these amazing beings. 

Why Trees and Bees

Trees are the heart and the lungs of the earth. Without them life and the world as we know it cannot exist. There is a significant amount of research on the importance of trees.

Here is a fascinating article about some amazing tree facts! Here is more research with evidence about why trees are so important for our mental and physical wellbeing. And more here research here that shows that trees have a ‘heartbeat’.

Bees are the pollinators of the earth. Apart from looking pretty whilst they are hard at work pollinating, without them we have a serious problem propagating flowers, fruit and, of course, there would be no honey either! The world would be a desolate place without them. 
Find out more about them and why we need them here. Even thought there are seemingly so many, their species are very susceptible to the harmful toxins we are putting in the earth and skies and they need our protection.


My Personal Vision and Mission


To live a fully self expressed and heart-led life to help create a world where we learn how to choose love over fear. 

A world where we remember that our heart is our guiding star, our healer and our connector to all that is essential to us.

For me to create that vision I am learning to live it every day so I can help you to live it too.


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