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“If I highlight sentences from a book you know I very much want to refer back to something I think is important. My copy of Ann’s book is full of yellow highlighter!!!”



“Having just finished this book, I know I will go back and read again. So much to absorb! I gained new perspectives, deep reflections, new light!”



“Fascinating collection of insights that I’ll reflect on and will undoubtedly turbocharge both my professional and personal life.”


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About The Words


I have always loved words. I love the sounds they make and how the meaning of a word can change depending on our perspective of the context in which we use it. I love how our perspective changes when we change our words. Words are a powerful tool and allow us to express ourselves when we hone our craft.

It wasn’t until I realised that ‘honing my craft’ didn’t mean I had to be ‘good’ at writing from the start. It meant that I had to give myself permission to be more playful with words and language. It meant that I had to learn to be more ‘honest’ with my words. It meant that I had to be ok with not getting it ‘perfect’. This realisation opened up the door to start believing that I could also be a writer.

Now I am able to say that I am the author of The Art of Contribution and also feature as a guest writer in an amazing anthology of 75 life changing stories, Thresholds – both books became Amazon bestsellers in their respective categories. I am also working on my next book(s) featuring ‘Annie and Eva’, my doodle companions.


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