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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it the more you have.” – Maya Angelou



Love by example means giving myself space to express my heart through sharing my writing and doodles.


Diddle Daddle Doodle


I started doodling in September 2016. At the time I needed to create a cover for my book, The Art of Contribution (more HERE), but after plowing through hundreds of images I couldn’t find one that said what I wanted it to say. In a moment of divine inspiration I doodled one, ignoring the fact that I couldn’t draw. It became the image on the cover and it was the catalyst for my love for doodling as a creative outlet.

In May 2017 I was inspired to start my Doodle A Day Keeps The Doctor Away project. I committed to creating a doodle a day for a whole year and to share it with my followers. This commitment was another major catalyst for change, helping my body of work to evolve into The Heartworker.

I have continued my daily practice and and my writing and doodles are now finding their way into the world in a way that I could not have foreseen when I first started my explorations.

All my writing and doodles are inspired by my work as a coach, my clients, my walks in nature and my love for the nature of things.



From a dabbler in doodles to a fledgling doodle artist.

When you show up daily for your (he)art, you don’t really appreciate what you have created over time. I realised, however, in order for me to take my work seriously, I first needed to fully appreciate what I had created. So I took stock and created my portfolio (more HERE) by collating some of the main projects I had been working on in the space of 2 years.

It made me feel really proud to see the body of work crystallised so clearly. Knowing that relatively speaking I am just starting out, I am excited to see where it will take me next. I am now also available for commissions / illustration work – please email me at [email protected] or contact me via this link HERE.


Social Media


“I check in often to see the new doodles and beautiful messages being shared here. Such a simple, colourful and uplifting place to be.

Continue the ♡♡! Our world needs more of it! ♡♡”


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My Shop


As I shared my work with my online community and as my work evolved, my followers started asking if they could buy my doodles so they could gift it either to themselves or to someone they love. Out of my diddle daddle doodle time my budding online shop with simply heartfelt gifts was born.

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