About Ann

“Inspired by nature and the nature of things.”



Hi! I’m Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker!

My teachings remind us that our heart connects us to our true nature. From this place we can access total clarity, spark our innate courage and creativity and connect with our unique calling. The Heartworker offers the space to connect to that place.

I am inspired by all things nature and the nature of things and as a result my life is constantly expanding and evolving. As an intuitive and creative human being, describing myself by talking about my being and doing can feel rather restrictive. Yet, I hope the below will give you a flavour of me, my work and my background.


Ann The Person


On the whole, I am an adventurous spirit who is fascinated by why we do what we do. After finishing a diploma in Communications, I enjoyed a full and varied international career in pr, sales, recruitment and people development and have travelled to many corners of the globe. Through all my ‘doing’, I have done and seen much in life but I am at my best when I am in nature and when I can be in service to my heart.

My Three Keys to Life are my guiding principles: to be Present, Curious and Kind. They have become my guide to living The Heartworker’s Way and this simple philosophy now underpins all my work.

Dutch born and bred, I grew up in Holland but have spent half of my life abroad and now live with my husband and dog in the countryside in Devon, UK – a place that helped me to remember who I am.

You may also be interested to read that I met my husband on a round the world yacht race some 25+ years ago. He was my watch leader and has been watching me ever since!


Ann The Professional

I am a coach, a doodle artist, a writer, host of The Heartworker’s Hour and the author of the bestselling book The Art of Contribution and a guest author for the anthology Thresholds.

I have worked as a coach and trainer for over ten years with people from all walks of life – from sales staff to charity teams, from executives and leaders to fellow transformers and creatives.

My work has expanded both in the arena of professional as well as personal development. Although I have many tools at my disposal, I have noticed that the biggest shifts happen when we simply show up with an open heart and mind.

As a life long learner with a curious mind about all things human, I continue to expand my understanding of what it means to be human(e) and truly alive.


Credentials & Influences


If you are interested in my credentials – I am a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach and was trained through Tony Robbins’ & Cloe Madanes’ RMT training centre. In addition, I am also trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and am a CIPD qualified trainer.

Through my continued studies, my work can’t help but be influenced by many modalities and philosophies. The ‘3 Principles’, for example, is one that has offered me great insights. In addition, I am a student and practitioner of Ho’oponopono, a powerful Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. 


Working with Me


When you work with me, you will find that I don’t like to stick to specific methods, preferring to work more intuitively with what is needed for my client in the moment. Above all, I work from the premise that we are whole and at our core we are love.

To get a flavour of my work as a coach, you can find some love and appreciation from my clients and connections HERE or click HERE if you are interested in finding out more about working with me.

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