Hi. I am Ann The Heartworker

Lover of life, nature, family, dogs, doodling, singing, colours, views and so much more ...

“Warning: working with Ann may change your life! What started off as a commission for a fun doodle, to illustrate my Being Unstoppable teaching, quickly unleashed an unstoppable chain reaction of its own. She really took time to listen, not just to my idea, but also to the deeper thinking that wasn’t quite fully formed and that I was almost too nervous to put into words. I already knew that Ann is a highly skilled and wise coach, but the combination of her coaching skills with her vision, imagination, creativity, and passion took my initial idea to a whole new level. I can’t recommend working with Ann highly enough, as a creative and as a coach. Who knows what she could unleash for you too?!” – Sue

It took a while before I found my true path, allowing me to add many strings to my bow and giving me a unique perspective on life.

You could say I have had a colourful life. After starting my career in PR and event management, I worked as a yacht broker for a few years. In between, there was also plenty of travel to feed my adventurous nature and searching soul. I finally ended up in recruitment and I noticed how many square pegs were trying to fit into round holes. I was one of them.

Recruitment brought me to Training and Coaching, first commercially and later privately. This opened up my inner world too.

A move back from the Netherlands (my home country) to Devon in the UK (my chosen home), gave me the space to come home to myself.  After a few years of soul searching, I reclaimed my voice by expressing myself freely and creatively through writing, drawing, colouring and singing. Spending time in nature with my dog Eva also gave me so much healing. Healing I didn’t know I needed.

In 2016, a divinely inspired moment awakened my love for doodling. This was the missing link I needed to help process my emotions in a loving and playful way and it unleashed my innate creativity. Doodling has revolutionised my life and work and I now share my passion with others.

From that point on I started to remember who I was and what I loved to do: Work from the heart, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, share my gifts with the world and help others do the same. This is how I became Ann The Heartworker and, since then, I started to share more about what I have come to call living life The Heartworker’s Way.

Apart from sharing my joy for doodling, I am also the Author and Illustrator of The Art of Contribution, which became a #1 seller in Amazon’s Spiritual Gift department, and Annie and Eva Love Devon, which was inspired by my love for countryside walks around Devon, my dog Eva and doodling.


If you are interested in working with me, or have a general enquiry, please click here to contact me. Alternatively, you can send me an email at [email protected].