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This Moment is Perfect


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By Ann Skinner

Coach and Creative and the Author/Illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon. Through my work and my words I hope to bring a little more consciousness, reflection, love, hope, joy and inspiration into your life.

10 May 2021

This Moment Is Perfect Just The Way It Is


Sometimes we are so lost in our never ending thoughts about all of the tomorrows, or the regrets and confusion of the past, that we end up spinning around in overwhelm and in the process we lose ourselves. I am no stranger to this myself.

When we go quiet, however, and connect to that deep space of listening, we meet our whole self. It is a moment of pure presence, where everything falls away and all is perfect just as it is. A divine space, where we are aware there is nothing to fix.

It is the space of presence, curiosity and kindness, where we have knowing instead of knowledge, joy instead of judgement and compassion instead of critique. This the meeting place of remembering that we are all part of the whole and are both love and loved at the same time. We are enough.

As we realign to our heart centre, we create a better understanding of our humanity and are more able to nurture and appreciate ourselves on a deeper level.

The arts are a tool for remembering our innate wisdom and in that process we heal and transform.



Ann The Heartworker

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