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Colourful Penguins


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By Ann Skinner

Coach and Creative and the Author/Illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon. Through my work and my words I hope to bring a little more consciousness, reflection, love, hope, joy and inspiration into your life.

24 Feb 2021

Sometimes you just need colourful penguins ….

This doodle was inspired by a wonderful story of an elderly gentleman from Australia, who at 109!! years of age, knitted beautiful little baby sweaters for penguins affected by a big oil spill off the coast of Australia a while ago.

Apparently the little jumpers save the penguins from trying to clean the oil off with their beaks.

What an uplifting and heartwarming story (apart from the oil spill, of course). I couldn’t help myself but had to doodle it. They looked so cute!

This doodle was inspired by a photo which showed some of the penguin sweater designs that were made by a variety of knitters, modelled by toy penguins.

It made my heart happy, I hope it makes your heart happy too.



Ann The Heartworker

[email protected]

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