A Merry 2020 Christmask


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By Ann Skinner

Coach and Creative and the Author/Illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon. Through my work and my words I hope to bring a little more consciousness, inspiration and light into your life.

25 Dec 2020

Merry Christmask


“Mumble mumble…,”

“What did you say Eva?” Annie tried to work it out but it was hard to hear because Eva wasn’t used to a mask.

“Mumble mumble mumble…” Wroof! Eva had enough and ripped off her mask. “Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmask!”

“You’re funny, Eva, and may it be full of treats, cuddles, walkies and oodles of love!!”

Eva couldn’t agree more.

Love from Annie and Eva,

by Ann The Heartworker

[email protected]


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