Tree Talk


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By Ann Skinner

Coach and Creative and the Author/Illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon. Through my work and my words I hope to bring a little more consciousness, reflection, love, hope, joy and inspiration into your life.

12 Dec 2020

Tree Talk with Michael


“Hey Michael, let me give you a little water. You’re looking a little thirsty today,” said Annie, as she topped up the watering can.

“Hey Annie, why do you talk to the tree?” Asked Eva.

“Because I want to get to know it better, Eva,” answered Annie.

“Can you actually hear it?” Asked Eva.

“Well, not literally, but I kind of ‘know’ what it is saying. Do you know what I mean, Eva?”

“I suppose. It is like how you and I talk, right?” replied Eva.

“Yes, although I must admit we often get it wrong,” said Annie.

“Yes, that is true. We need to be more quiet to be able to really listen,” agreed Eva.

“That is the wisest thing you have said for a long time Eva,” agreed Annie.

Love from Annie and Eva,

by Ann The Heartworker

[email protected]


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