The Art of Contribution


A Companion to Living a Meaningful Life


“Having just finished this book, I know I will go back and read again. So much to absorb! I gained new perspectives, deep reflections, new light!”

My book, The Art of Contribution, was born out of my determination to live a life with purpose. In my explorations I became fascinated by the concept of what it means to contribute. This sparked my commitment to explore the subject by writing daily about what Contribution meant to me.

For a whole year I shared my insights with my community, and through my conscious exploration, I started to understand that there is an Art to Contribution beyond giving.


“What a wonderful book. Everyone should have a read and it might stop us from feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves. It’s not all about giving and Ann explains it so well.”


My reflections helped me to discover that there are five components that influence our ability to contribute. Separately they do not support life but together the care the magic of our existence. These insights have been instrumental in the way I now live my life.

The Art of Contribution became a Number One Bestseller in Amazon’s spiritual gifts department.

For more information about the story that created The Art of Contribution, you can go to www.thecontributionevolution.

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“If I highlight sentences from a book you know I very much want to refer back to something I think is important. My copy of Ann’s book is full of yellow highlighter!”