About The Heartworker



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“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Bhudda



To help us reconnect to our hearts by choosing to put my own heart in the driver’s seat.

Our heart connects us to our true nature. It is our guide to compassion, the portal to our innate courage and wisdom and the path to true abundance.



I hold a vision for a brighter world. A world where we remember that our heart is our guide to compassion and abundance for all.

My vision for the Heartworker grew out of my personal research around the subject of Contribution in my search for a more meaningful life. When I first started writing and speaking about Contribution, I thought I had found the ‘Holy Grail’, believing that giving was the route to long-lasting happiness. However, as I explored the subject in greater detail, I realised that, although I was ‘right’, I was also ‘wrong’ – giving wasn’t the whole story. Through my insights, my work has evolved into what it is today – an authentic expression of who I am through what I do.

 The Fleet


The Heartworker represents me, the mothership, and shares my heartwork – from coaching to mentoring, from doodling to writing and many other things that I love. It is my heartfelt intent that, through sharing what I love, I will be able to inspire both you and me to remind us of who we are at our core so we can be more conscious about how we show up in the world.

Find a brief overview of my fleet, ie my vision of the different aspects of my heartwork.

You can click on the doodles to take you through to each ship’s contents!


The Heartworker

love live lead

I am the vessel for all my heartwork, from coaching to teaching, from writing to doodling.


explore expand evolve

Expand your inner courage and wisdom as you learn to live The Heartworker’s Way.



reconnect review recharge

Commit to a process of inner discovery and expand your Self, your life and your influence.



diddle daddle doodle

Love by example means giving myself space to express my heart through sharing my writing and doodle a day.


Events / TV

connect create contribute

Connect with likeminded people by joining our online community and our live events.


see show share

See, show and share my Gift Shop with simply heartfelt gifts for you and your friends to love and treasure.