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“The moment we decide to stand we rise, and as rise we learn to fly.”


Hi! I’m Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker!

My life is constantly expanding and evolving so when people ask me what I do I am often challenged what to say as I feel what comes out of my mouth never quite covers it.

 As a hugely intuitive and creative human being, describing myself by talking about my doings can also feel rather restrictive so I will share a little bit more about me in terms of both my being as well as my doing.

On the whole, I am an adventurous spirit who is fascinated by why we do what we do. I have been very lucky to have enjoyed a full and varied international career in pr, sales, recruitment and personal and people development and have travelled to many corners of the globe. Through all my ‘doing’, I have done and seen much in life but I am at my best when I am in nature or when I can be of service through creating and sharing my heartwork.

I am guided by my own Three Keys to Love, Life & Leadership – be Present, be Curious and be Kind. I call it living The Heartworker’s Way and this simple philosophy now underpins all my work.

My work and life changed a few years ago when I decided to stand for a subject close to my heart, contribution. As a result I began a journey of inner exploration which helped me rebirth as The Heartworker. Through my reflections and experiences, I have learned that once we commit to standing for something that is calling us, we have chosen to commit to ourselves and our heart and the moment we decide to stand we rise, and as we rise we learn to fly.

You can read more about my explorations in my book The Art of Contribution.

My insights have also helped me to start thinking more holistically. Many ‘run-of-the-mill’ coaching practices work on improving our state of mind, and much of that is very useful but I found that it can bypass an essential part of our being – our state of soul.

In my work you will often hear me refer to using our state of mind as a gentle companion to our state of soul. Our mind is often preoccupied with time, efficiency, urgency and outcomes, but our soul doesn’t understand these terms. Finding ways to complement and integrate both parts helps us to be more courageous and compassionate with ourselves in our day to day life and through it we are more likely to add to the world rather than detract from it.

For those interested in official stuff – I am a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach and was trained through Tony Robbins’ & Cloe Madanes’ RMT training centre. In addition, I am an NLP Master Practitioner and a CIPD trained trainer and I am intrigued by the 3 Principles and many other modalities, although I don’t like to stick to specific methods, preferring to work more intuitively with what is needed for my client in the moment. I love to read and learn so as not to remain stagnant and continue to explore, expand and evolve.

Apart from my love for coaching, writing and doodling, I am also a lover of life in general and you’ll often find me out walking, contemplating the nature of things. Originally Dutch but married to an Englishman, I feel very lucky to be living with my wonderful husband and dog in the beautiful British countryside – a place where my spirit has been able to soar and my Heartwork allowed to flourish. You can find out more about my heartwork, here.

To get a flavour of my work as a coach, you can find a selection of love and appreciation from my clients and connections here.


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